The Wellness Wheel is a pictorial reference of the major tenants of personal wellness. Wellness is balance in all these things. Lets work together to help you achieve wellness and feel better!

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The Longer Version: Welcome to your path to wellness. Our work with you is customized for your needs and is based on the latest research in stress physiology, nutrition, sleep science, modern meditation, resilience, and mindfulness to help you understand and optimize the interaction between your body and your mind and to find balance in your life.

We offer concierge wellness coaching centered around your health goals, small group connections for learning the skills of wellness (and feeling grounded in the time pandemic recovery and living!), and individual therapy with the goal of helping you to live in "now" with joy and to have the skills to respond to whatever life brings with resilience and optimism.

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The short version: We offer Individual, couple and family wellness coaching centered around mindful living, stress reduction, healthy mindset and anxiety prevention for all ages.

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