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Mind body medical associates Services: 

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In our office location:

  • Individual, couple and family sessions in-office for coping with the stress of a medical illness, managing symptoms of stress, or looking to learn skills to cope with the challenge of daily living

In your home:

  • Six-eight week, family, couple or individual, customized health/wellness and mindfulness training course work
    • Curriculum based around the needs and dynamics of your family allowing us to work with you, on your schedule, to learn practices for improved stress management and resiliency
    • Follow up visits, goal setting, mild homework between sessions and concierge service enhance this client-centric process and maximize success
    • Subscriptions available for phone and Skype follow up appointments

On Site at your office or school:

  • Individual executive coaching: Skills that enhance resiliency, balance, communication and goal setting in the workplace and in life outside the office
  • Multi-week group sessions teaching the fundamentals of mindfulness, stress management, and living with balance
  • Student skills and stress management tools for all ages
  • Mindfulness and resiliency training
  • Stress management