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Sample Connect Curriculum

​​Mind Body Medical Associates

Ease your path through this unprecedented time of Coronavirus! We are offering small group connection workshops series to help you recognize that "you got this"!  Each of our eight weekly session provides connection and community for you in these hard times, science-based info and tips and practical coping strategies to help you survive and thrive! 

Using an integrative approach and drawing upon our medical/nursing knowledge, behavioral health, meditation, mindfulness, cognitive strategies and psychoanalytic theory, we foster improved health by:

  • Teaching you tools with life-long emotional, physical and relationship benefits and helping you practice and apply them to daily life
  • Building a positive connection and supportive relationship with each client through multiple sessions of course work
  • Setting measurable and achievable individual goals in our customized curricula that is adjusted for any age client/family
  • Utilizing clients' strengths and individuality: Built on science, customized for you

Themes include:

  • Mindful Parenting: A new way to think when every day feels the same
  • Coronavirus Living - What Does it Mean to Live as a High Risk Group: Consider ways to live well as an older adult when the messages are 'safer at home'
  • Care of the Caregiver: Individual self care and self compassion
  • Health and Wellness in Action: Nutrition and sleep for the individual and family
  • Opposites Attract: Laughter and Tears (it's all ok!)
  • Anxiety and Worry: What you can and can't control and ways to have it all feel better
  • Connections: Stronger together with your partner, your colleagues, and your children
  • Being the Sandwich Generation: Caring for kids and aging parents at the same time
  • Goals and Learning: You are never too old to change habits, augment practices and feel better
  • Limit Setting, Patience and Grace, Grief and Gratitude: Balance is possible