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Mind Body Medical Associates can help you to optimize your resiliency and be present in your life.  We are experts in coaching clients to develop and implement self-care skills to manage the physical and emotional symptoms of stress that both daily life and occasional life-changes foist upon us. 

Using an integrative approach and drawing upon our medical/nursing knowledge, behavioral health, meditation, mindfulness, cognitive strategies and psychoanalytic theory, we foster improved health by:

  • Teaching you tools with life-long emotional, physical and relationship benefits and helping you practice and apply them to daily life
  • Building a positive connection and supportive relationship with each client through multiple sessions of course work
  • Setting measurable and achievable individual goals in our customized curricula that is adjusted for any age client/family
  • Creating action plans that you can start using the day your learn them
  • Monitoring progress with follow up check-ins
  • Utilizing clients' strengths and individuality: Built on science, customized for you