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Janet K. Fronk



Ms. Fronk is licensed and certified to provide mental health services to individuals and couples.  Her areas of interest and expertise include treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, as well as management and treatment of stress and physical pain as it relates to cardiac disease, chronic fatigue, chronic pain, and cancer. She is an expert in medical symptom reduction using Mind/Body techniques and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Ms. Fronk has decades of experience working with issues of intimacy and sexuality, infertility and infertility resolution.  She has developed programs for the treatment of eating disorders and for survivors of trauma.

Ms. Fronk completed her graduate and undergraduate studies in Nursing and Education at the University of Detroit, the University of Michigan, and Antioch University.  She has held executive positions in nursing management and in education at several large Boston-area institutions. She trained at the Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine at the Massachusetts General Hospital where she also practiced as a co-director for group programs and provided treatment to individual patients. 

Ms. Fronk continues to be a clinical trainer and educator with Harvard Medical School Continuing Medical Education and at the Benson Henry Institute. 

Michele F. Schuckel

Mind | Body | Health


Ms. Fronk and Ms. Schuckel are available for speaking engagements, workshops and panel discussions, please use the Contact page on this website to reach out.

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Ms. Schuckel has decades of experience in coaching and leadership training and is passionate about teaching and supporting individuals and families to live mindfully. She has developed all-ages programs relating to grief and loss and for reaffirming one's resilience approaching and after major life changes, including death, divorce, downsizing, returning to work, the birth of a child, heading to college, and empty-nesting. Her science-based approach to living a mindful and healthy life focuses on both physical and emotional health and utilizing wellness practices as tools to set and achieve measurable goals.

Ms. Schuckel earned a Masters in Business Administration from the F. W. Olin College of Business at Babson College with a focus in entrepreneurship and marketing and she holds a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from the University of Michigan with a focus in oncology, psychiatric nursing and change management.  She has held executive positions in clinical healthcare, information technology  and national sales, worked in educational settings and in public health. Her areas of interest and expertise include the science of human happiness, mindfulness, and modern meditation and she is a graduate and life-long practitioner of the Silva Method. 

Ms. Schuckel has also completed coursework in sleep science, understanding and treating generalized anxiety and related anxiety disorders, cognitive behavioral therapy, meditation, yoga and exercise for stress management, nutrition and mindful eating, anxiety reduction in children, and conquering digital distraction in business, educational, and home settings. 

In her free time Ms. Schuckel finds balance in spending time with her family, and in the garden or dance studio. She loves to cook and aspires to learn the guitar.